Making a Killing
HMOs and the Threat to Your Health

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Making a Killing

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The authors wish to acknowledge the invaluable guidance and support of Sharon Arkin, Ralph Nader, John Richard, Harvey Rosenfield, and Pam Solo. Andrew Pontious, Cynthia Dennis and Doug Heller tirelessly compiled research. Mike Bidart, Chuck Idelson, Mark Hiepler, Rose Ann DeMoro, Linda Peeno, Bill Shernoff, and the California Nurses Association have our gratitude for seeking new solutions and remedies for patients with too few options today. Our special thanks to all the patients and their families who have shared their stories with us to stop the suffering of others. As always, Steven Olsen and his struggle continue to inspire us. This book was completed with the generous support of the Institute for a Civil Society, but the authors' views are their own.

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